Leverage the benefits of accessing the knowledge and experiences of other top agencies, as well as their CEOs and Founders, by connecting with industry leaders who have navigated diverse markets and challenges.

International Reach

Enhance your global infrastructure by acquiring the assets necessary to manage your businesses independently and accomplish a successful worldwide expansion.

Become a part of a collaborative community that values knowledge exchanges, vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Your active participation is the path to growth and will lead to unique opportunities to expand your business horizons.

Business opportunities

The Constellation Global Network is working to the enhance the visibility of its members, which include powerful clusters in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. A network of creative industries, it is made up of businesspeople with a shared interest in mutual growth.

+ Creative Agency + Digital Agencies + BTL Agencies/ Events + Media Centers + Commercials Producers + Public Relations Agencies  + Specialized Agencies

The development of these clusters by country is achieved through a collaborative model with shared objectives, that involves setting out goals to be achieved along with its members.

Setting up strategic meetings between agencies, marketing executives, CEOs and potential partners in order to enter into business or representation. This contact will be made between local members or those based on or outside the continent, by means of online or in-person decision-making meetings

A face-to-face meeting bringing together buyers and local, regional, and international marketing executives alongside independent agencies and networks. This event takes place at a different venue each year. This agenda also includes the participation as a guest, jury member, or speaker at partnered creativity festivals within the network (WINA Festival - Dubai, Luum Awards - Geneva, Saniss Awards - Madrid) during their award ceremonies and academic conferences.

If an agency tenders for or receives a new account in a category in which they have no experience, a member from any country will be able to provide international advising services from creative or strategic directors, and vice versa. This assessment is negotiated between members and is ideal for advertisers who require experience in a certain area.  

This support also offers the chance for any creative directors that have experience to present credentials in-person. 

Job exchange between professionals from agencies in different countries in order to internationalize experiences and motivate work teams. This is applicable for creatives, strategists and accounts employees.

The identification of new business opportunities for the network through tenders or other commercial opportunities, generated directly by the network with brands or organizations.

Affiliated companies become a network of information, collaboration and representation across the world, whenever the projection of their accounts so requires. Offer new services, supplement absent services and broaden your product portfolio in order to increase turnover, through a network of partners. 

Top meetings online / bimonthly training with leading figures from international industry. 

The network will promote at least one meeting per year for members, where spaces will be created with CMOs from multinational companies to generate business, form partnerships and take advantage of opportunities. The meetings will also feature conferences, talks and workshops to foster knowledge and keep pace with changes. 

by country
of portfolios and representation

Alliances with creative communications festivals have allowed us to accumulated an extensive directory of agencies in markets where we don't yet have a presence. Additionally, managers and executives from our affiliated agencies enjoy being invited as judges or speakers at these events, generating credibility and reputation for their network and the agency.


World Independent Advertising Awards – is the academic response to the growing wave of independent multinational agencies and networks, seeking a space that truly represents them in a fair, independent and visible manner. The festival was created in 2016 to recognize the work of independent multinational agencies and networks from across five continents, with a judges’ panel consisting of one hundred world class professionals.


Luum Awards is the first global festival dedicated to creativity, that rewards creative communications promoting social and environmental causes. Luum was launched to show the world that advertising can change the world; that we are agents of change; and that brands can inspire the world!

Health and Wellness Awards

Saniss was created to provide visibility for the best strategic and creative campaigns in the Health and Wellness sector across the five continents. With commercial representation and communications partners in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, Saniss seeks to draw attention to the best health campaigns produced by various sectors.

Tomilli has an important penetration among marketing and advertising executives in 4 geographic editions (Asia, Europe, USA/Canada and Latin America); we produce articles of managerial interest in 2 languages (English and Spanish), and we are read in the 5 continents.