We believe in partnership, collaboration and generosity.

We are a collaborative network of independent creative advertising agencies and networks with a presence in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa.

Constellation works as a bridge between agencies; our main objective is to generate strategic connections that allow our affiliates to have international business partners and achieve a stronger positioning in their respective regions.

What Our AffiliatesSay

Since XCOM joined Constellation, it has been a truly enriching experience. Being part of this network of agencies from around the world has not only opened up business and collaboration opportunities but, above all, the ability to work with high-level professionals. The possibility of collaborating on joint projects, exchanging ideas, the diversity of knowledge, cultures, and perspectives are some of the aspects that keep us connected.

Viviana Toletti

CEO Xcom – São Paulo, Brazil

Our experience with Constellation has been very enriching. It has provided us with the support and the opportunity to learn more about the operations of other independent agencies in the region. On a business level, we have formed some interesting partnerships.

Ainara Martín & Alejandra López-Toledo

Founding Partner and Agency Director / Founding Partner - Tolka Estudio – CDMX, Mexico