New Member: Conektica (Mexico)

Conektica is a creative branding and strategic marketing agency that is joining as a new member of the Constellation Network.

2/19/20241 min read

Throughout the agency’s trajectory, Conektica has promoted more than 400 brands and has been recognized with 11 awards, at events such as Diseña México, Brandor Latampack, the WINA Awards and Veredictas. Based in Puebla, Conektica was highlighted in the Merca 2.0 ranking as one of "the best agencies in Mexico" on 76 occasions.

Agency representatives gave also participated in renowned advertising festivals, such as Effie Mexico, Gerety Awards, the WINA Awards, and FEPI Argentina, on the judges’ panel.

Founded in 2009, Conektica is an industry standout, projecting and promoting brands in an efficient and functional way, and helping them set the industry standard. Conektica specializes in connecting brands with their ideal customers.


Realizado por: Maria Camila Morales