Know the Constellation members who will be judges at the WINA and SANISS festivals

2/26/20241 min read

One of the many benefits of belonging to the Constellation Network, is that you have the option to serve as a judge for this type of festival.

For this edition, the following members of Constellation will have the honor of serving as judges at these prestigious festivals:

• Oscar H. Castañeda, of Castillo de If, of Guatemala

• Vicente Ruiz Miramontes, of Licuadora Group, with a base in Mexico

• Claudio Urrea Tortolero, of MGC in Mexico, the United States and Canada

• Alan Calderón, of Brandy Creativity & Technology, in Costa Rica

The Constellation Network congratulates these members for their outstanding achievements, and we look forward to the positive impact they can have on the industry as festival judges for the 2024 WINA and SANISS advertising and communications festivals.

In highly competitive industries, such as advertising and marketing, participation in global festivals has become an important part of professional development

Festivals like WINA and SANISS are platforms where top talents can showcase their creativity, innovation, and skills before a global audience. In addition, these events also provide an opportunity to learn, to get inspired and to connect with industry colleagues from around the world. For this reason, these types of events attract creative professionals and industry leaders from around the world.


Realizado por: Maria Camila Morales