New Affiliate: Binder (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Why the first-person plural to talk about Binder? Because we believe that the plural world is more interesting and creative. This is our bet: the diversity of people, styles, experiences, talents, generations and disciplines. Because more and more, the world happens outside of rigid frames.

11/30/20221 min read

Binder is an award-winning agency in Cannes, Great place to work, Prêmio marketing contemporâneo and manage accounts such as Ambev, Natal Shopping, Chevrolet, Texaco, Caixa, MedLevensohn, and Geotab, among others.



The frames that have sustained the world so far are being imploded by technology, by new behaviors and aspirations. The way we work, consume, inform, relate and entertain is undergoing the greatest disruption in history. And we think this is a huge opportunity!