New Affiliate: Napkin (USA, Ecuador and India)

Napkin Global as a group enters the Hispanic market to promote the technological and communicational development from integrated strategies of E-Commerce with non-traditional marketing, betting on the growth of the advertising industry of the future through local talent with global support. Our statement: Advertising needs to find a new model: no more fees, hopeful decisions or lonely tactics.

9/6/20221 min read

We build an integrated plan with the best team around the world. Then, our fund provides us with the credit and capital to pay for everything and invest in your company to grow, scale and evolve. Yes, you read that right. We provide a 360 ecosystem that includes all the elements, strategies and platforms to take you to the next level. What do we ask for in return? A small slice of the pie we call "Shared Return". Meet your new strategic partner in a new Win-Win model. The game has changed.