The Constellation Global Network Congratulates Winning Members of WINA and Saniss

In a vibrant recognition of creative excellence and innovation, several member agencies of the Constellation Global Network made their mark at two prominent international festivals.

6/19/20241 min read

The first is the Wina Festival, recognized for awarding the best cases produced by independent agencies in the world. The winning members were:

MGC Global Group

  • Beautiful Beast

  • Castillo de IF

  • Birth Group

  • Olístico

  • Brandy Creativity & Technology

  • Mojobrands

  • IglooLab

  • Figallo

  • MKá


Realizado por: Maria Camila Morales

This achievement not only benefits the agencies, by rewarding their independence and creativity, but also their ability to compete and excel globally with high-level campaigns and projects.

Meanwhile, at the Saniss Awards, a festival dedicated to recognizing the best cases in the fields of health, well-being and pharma, the winning Constellation Global Network member agencies were:

· Beautiful Beast (United States)

  • IglooLab (Chile)

  • IF (Guatemala)

  • MKá (Spain)

These agencies once again demonstrated their ability to lead and innovate in a critical sector, offering creative and effective solutions that positively impact people's lives.

The Constellation Global Network enthusiastically congratulates all the award-winning agencies for their exceptional work and contributions to the world of advertising.